Scott A. Capestany

Scott A. Capestany

Executive Producer, Writer, Director

Scott has been working in the Film/ TV and new media industry for over 10 years as the Executive Producer and Creative Director of CAPESTANY FILMS.

Armed with a resourceful business mind, Capestany has tackled near impossible feats within the world of Independent Film and TV throughout the Puget Sound Region and is responsible for pioneering and cultivating many first ever large scale business partnerships within Washington State. Scott’s gift of elaborate and detailed visual creativity, combined with his business knowledge, makes him a very valuable asset to his productions.

Scott’s current work on THE RAINFOREST Film/TV project THE RAINFOREST has brought together multiple Regional, National and International business affiliates and business partners to the endeavor.

A frequent speaker, panelist, instructor and/or guest at the American Film Market, Great American Pitch Fest, London Screenwriters’ Festival, Entertainment Film Finance Forums (Winston/Baker), Faith Based Variety Summit, Seattle International Film Festival, Northwest Film Forum multiple world-wide film industry events and festivals, his messages, workshops and industry insight focuses on helping and educating the importance of integrating commerce with creativity within the Film/TV/Media Space. Scott is also affiliated with Spain’s Evolution Mallorca International Film Festival.

By delivering dynamic and motivational advice, his unique style and industry knowledge empowers, inspires and educates both veteran and emerging Filmmakers on the importance of understanding and applying effective business mechanics to all Film/TV/Web visual creative endeavors.

As an authority forming business partnerships/sponsorships, financing, film incentive “soft money” acquisition and bridging business contributions into the Film/TV/Media space, Scott also is a force to be reckoned with at the negotiation and pitch room tables within his industry circle. His passionate and resilient presentations command authority and clear direction allowing productions at all levels to become realized with definitive paths to profitability.

Scott has a life-long appreciation for films that expand and enhance the world view regarding topics and events that inspire, encourage, cultivate and promote well-being and unity. His passion for Native American History has allowed him to partner with some of WA states most reputable Tribal Nations among his creative endeavors. When not engaged with his career, Scott enjoys spending his personal time often amongst a remote Rainforest along the shores of a distant River Fly-fishing while chasing some of the world’s most elusive Steelhead and Salmon species and photographing nature’s beauty including his love of a multitude of avionic species (birds).